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Concerns about my work

2012-10-23 17:49:04 by mephiztophel

As I have had a few comments asking if my work is real or not I would like to say a few things that may be helpful.

First off, shortly after posting here the first few times I was contacted by the art portal moderator, He asked for proof of my work such as a photo of me holding on of my paintings.
I gave it to him and the matter was settled, continuing to doubt if my paintings are real is in bad taste.

Secondly, posting a comment on a painting I post for the sole purpose of suggesting that it is a fake is inappropriate. If you have concerns then send me a private message.

Now to clarify something about how I post my paintings. The paintings I post are in most cases commissions, the scanned product being the only thing left of it I have once I hand the painting over to the one who bought it. The ones I post here I was giving the ok to post by those that bought the painting as they didn't care if I wanted to sell prints because they had the original. In this way the paintings I post here are a privilege, as I could just as easily watermark the crap out of them so you couldn't tell what was on the image in the first place.
I have a picture of me holding an acrylic practice painting that I showed the moderator if anyone wants the link to it. This said I will not be taking anymore photos of myself holding my work as this not only shows the painting off poorly but it is an insult to me that the only possible way someone could believe I paint the way I do is to hold my work.


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2012-10-23 18:12:42

Hey, take it as a compliment that people struggle to believe a mere mortal could create something so grand! You know what you've made so there's no need to get flustered.

mephiztophel responds:

Just saw this, thanks for the comment. Its just frustrating when people say things like 'its traced' or 'thats fake' to things I worked hard on.


2012-12-11 12:57:20

But...we've found your reference photographs so many times, and they always match so exactly. Even if your pieces aren't traced or filtered, they're creatively bankrupt. Why would you work so hard when you aren't improving on an image, just copying?

(Updated ) mephiztophel responds:

Perhaps you don't understand portraits? My goal is photo realism, I want it to look as close to the image as I can. Its not about improving an image, its about the details that make is real. As for the referenced images, its not as if I was hiding them--as far as I know I haven't made any comment to say any images I have based on other things were original compositions.